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We are one of the leading employee leasing companies in the Czech Republic. We offer comprehensive employee leasing services so business owners and managers can concentrate on being more productive effective, competitive, and profitable. Our employee leasing solutions help companies save time, thereby increasing their bottom line.


Employee Outsourcing can be a cost effective alternative to the expense and administrative burden of a traditional employer-employee relationship. Outsourcing your human resource functions allows you to focus on business issues and provides administrative relief from many employment responsibilities...


External recruitment makes it possible to draw upon a wider range of talent, and provides the opportunity to bring new experience and ideas in to the business. Since we cooperate with both private and public institutions in the Czech Republic and the EU, we are able to find best candidates for your company...

Personnel agency and training center I & V FLAT s.r.o.

About our Company

I & V Flat is an established personnel agency and training center founded in 2005. We specialise in job mediation, HR services and Training, concretely, we are engaged in helping companies find excellent workforce in a short period of time through modern methods and system combining experienced staff and high quality training. As such, we focus on all sectors of European Labour Market. Our practice-based approach and experiences in Human Resources is a kind of guarantee for the satisfaction of our clients and partners. Full satisfaction of our clients and partners is the issue of prior importance for us.

Our target group (our clients and partners) are Big Companies and Corporations, Small and Medium Enterprises, Traders, Public Institutions or Educational Institutions in the Czech Republic, European Union and non-EU countries (Asia, Latin America, Russia, etc.) We specialise also in employment and agency employment, HR services and related activities and Project Management within the context of the Czech Republic, EU countries and non-EU countries.

We differ from other Agencies or similar institutions in that we are specialising in combining traditional HR approaches with modern trends in employment and education using modern approaches and methods. We are able to interpret and respond the Labour Market challenges and needs. This is the reason why we are broadening our horizons and the portfolio of our activities in accordance with the Labour Market and our clinets and partners needs aiming at better labour market matching. This is why we have started specialising in prevention, consulting, education and training or Project Management.

We are able to implement it thanks to our own Training Centre. At this Center we can design and deliver specialised and tailor-made training for our clients and partners, because all programmes are managed by experienced specialists from universities and educational institutions (lecturers, tutors, mentors, etc.). Within the framework of our educational system we focus on the development of core skills, language and IT competences through cooperation with famous educational institutions and universities in the Czech Republic, EU and third countries. Thanks to this kind of activities we participate in various national and international Programmes and Projects (Community Programmes, European Networks, Regional Micro - Programmes, etc.)

Why our institution

In a few years we have become one of the leaders in the market, because we are able to interpret and respond the situation in the European Labour Market and foresee trends in human resources and education in general. In addition, our activities are certified by the Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs of the Czech Republic and by the Brussels.

In fact, if you use our services, you will get excellent services at affordable price rates from the experienced hands. You will be satisfied because we are capable to respond flexibly to your needs or solve your problems. This service is particularly useful if you have a large number of staff or a high staff turnover - seasonal fluctuations for example, if have not an effective retention of your best employees or you have other problems with your staff (transport, low production, uneffective staff, problems with specific position, you need a short-term positions or low cost workforce, etc.). And what is the most important, our service covers the entire region of the CR and we operate in 25 EU or non EU countries and we have a wide-variety of experts with strengths in every discipline and area.



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Personnel agency and training center I & V FLAT s.r.o.

Za Valem 1428/19
Praha 4, Kunratice
140 00 (mapa)
Detached workplace
Bystrá 2847/14,
Praha 9, Horní Počernice 
E-mail: (Issues) (HR) (Executives)
Mob.: 775 990 397
Tel.: 224 910 339,
281 008 252 (HR)

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